Thursday, May 13, 2010

L10 Day 18 - Neighborhood Jaunt

I got back from my Boston trip just soon enough to sneak in a little run around the neighborhood.  This run was interesting to me for three reasons:

First:  My average heart rate and my maximum heart rate was identical to my 8.45 mile run in Boston.  But, the asphalt surface of this run enabled me to go 1/2 mph faster. (5.3 vs. 4.8 mph)

Second:  I scored my second-fastest 5K time at 35:28.  (My fastest so far is 34:41.)

Third:  I was breathing a 2-2 rythym, and it seemed like I was working hard.  But, I realized I didn't need to be breathing that hard and I started working on de-coupling breathing rate from footfall rate.

It's very nice to feel that a 40 minute jog is a short one!!

In my fastest 5K my average heart rate was 158 and my average speed was 5.4.  Today, my average speed was 5.3 and my average heart rate was 142.  The courses weren't identical, so I can't press this comparison too far, but I can say that today's course was hillier.  I think my friend was right - I need to just keep pouring on the miles, try to avoid my lowest granny gear, and toughen up.  My legs were not overly fresh or chipper tonight, so I'm very pleased with what I was able to do.


  1. ~18 miles this week; and running only three days! Pretty impressive.

    btw, did you see DoppleBock's results in that 24 race? ~154 miles, and his last 5k was under 22 minutes.

  2. Thanks, man - and I hadn't seen DB's results. I looked it up, and it's just sick. Like six, four-hour marathons back-to-back. Certifiable!