Monday, May 3, 2010

L10 Day 13 - Back in the Saddle

Okay, I would like my shoelaces back now.  The weather wasn't a whole lot different than this past Saturday at noon.  The temperature was about 80°; 72% humidity; and no wind to speak of.  It was cloudy, but Lake Burke is shady, so that is also a tie.  But, I'll tell you what: I would have kept jogging on stumps today.  I did my composite 5K path, where I jog to the middle school, do a mile on the track, and then jog back home.

I started out decent with a 11:24 mile.  Then I did a mile and a quarter on the track, instead of a mile.  It's nice to do a little extra by accident! I did the track stuff at a 12 min/mile pace.  I talked to a couple of high school athletes.  They were sprinting for 100 meters, and then LOLing around the track (at my pace), and then sprinting again.  I asked one guy how fast he was.  He just shrugged his shoulders smiling.  Next time I had a chance to talk to him, I offered to trade bodies.  He politely declined.  "C'mon - you get the car and everything!!"  No dice.

Something in my left hamstring felt tight.  I felt it a little bit last Wednesday at Holmes Run, but not on Saturday.  Even if I didn't feel the hamstring, my legs are decidedly different feeling.  It's like I "sit" more on the left leg.  Anyhow, I picked up the pace a bit on the way home.  I was very happy to see that I hit 5K in 35:55.  It's not a PR of course, but I wasn't racing and the temperature and humidity really have their effect.  In all, I did 3.5 miles in 40:40, (5.2 mph/11:36 min/mile average) with an average heart rate of 151.  I sure did sweat a lot this time, and was inspired to get a sweat picture like I did in the old days (January, February):

Here are the stats and HR to round things out.  It's good to be back in the saddle and I'm hoping my legs will give permission for a Wednesday run ... perhaps back at Holmes Run.


  1. Sounds like a good run--good 5k time too, especially for just a training 5k. Woot!

  2. Awesome on hitting the 5k mark and I would say that is a great time!! Keep on chugging along and I am sure that time will continue to drop!!