Tuesday, May 18, 2010

L10 Day 21 - New 5K Record!!

Conditions: 59° F with a 75% humidity and a cool, but moderate breeze.  I had spent most of the day thinking I wouldn't run, but in the late afternoon my legs got that "ding" that said they were ready to go.  (By the "ding", I mean all of the sudden I realize that my legs don't feel tight and hobbled.)

I mapped a new course, that adds an out-n-back on a new street to my normal neighborhood stuff.  I started the jog at 7:31 PM, which doesn't give me too much time before sundown.

The first mile: 10:44 (and I felt okay, maybe huffing a little bit)
The second mile: 10:59
The third mile: 11:10 (half of this was down, the other was up)
The 5K time: 34:03  (38s better than previous record, 10:57 pace)

Now I'm going to show a chart from this run and the previous 5K record run, and see if you can spot anything significantly different:



Yep - today my average heart rate was 148, last month it was 158!

In total I did 5.3 miles at a 11:03 pace (5.4 mph) with an average heart rate of 148.  I know I'm silly-slow in the grand scheme of things, but I felt energetic and I felt like I was running (except lap 13, where I recovered a bit).

I've been tracking all my runs at RunningAhead, and I classified this run as "easy" - not because I thought it was really easy, but because my heart rate wasn't at a race tempo.

And I'm still wondering.  If my heart rate was 164, could my breathing keep up?  But mostly I'm celebrating tonight.  This was the best run I've had in awhile.

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